Aether Gardens cultivation provides
consistency in traditional, naturally grown cannabis, at production-scale.

We formulate our own high-grade nutrients and use heavily guarded irrigation strategies to regulate the plants’ growth also known as crop steering.

With a cultivation operation sited on 18 acres, our facility is a platform for all types of cannabis products from flower to highly differentiated extracted products to infused edibles. We use a combination of HID & sunlight with specialized nutrient formulas for the cleanest, most natural, highest-quality products with high potency & yield.

We are committed to unlocking the secrets of cannabis. Our tissue culture labs primary mission is to store, repair, and reproduce the most consistent genetics the market has ever seen.

We have over 400 different cannabis varieties that we are continuing to bank in our tissue culture lab, and we strive to produce the most consistent and reliable medicine possible. We believe variance in medicine is not acceptable.

Flower Gallery



FT² manufacturing room

  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Toll Manufacturing
  • Research & Development

A true
workflow design

focusing on many forms of post processing to refine extraction materials to its high concentration.



  • Solventless Extraction
  • Hydrocarbon
  • Ethanol