Aether Gardens cultivation provides
consistency in traditional, naturally grown cannabis, at production-scale.

We formulate our own high-grade nutrients and use heavily guarded irrigation strategies to regulate the plants’ growth also known as crop steering.

With a cultivation operation sited on 18 acres, our facility is a platform for all types of cannabis products from flower to highly differentiated extracted products to infused edibles. We use a combination of HID & sunlight with specialized nutrient formulas for the cleanest, most natural, highest-quality products with high potency & yield.

We are committed to unlocking the secrets of cannabis. Our tissue culture labs primary mission is to store, repair, and reproduce the most consistent genetics the market has ever seen.

We have over 400 different cannabis varieties that we are continuing to bank in our tissue culture lab, and we strive to produce the most consistent and reliable medicine possible. We believe variance in medicine is not acceptable.



FT² manufacturing room

  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Toll Manufacturing
  • Research & Development

A true
workflow design

focusing on many forms of post processing to refine extraction materials to its high concentration.



  • Solventless Extraction
  • Hydrocarbon
  • Ethanol





A classical element
believed to fill the universe
beyond the terrestrial sphere.

Inspired by the mythological divine and driven by the belief in the medicinal and transcendent value of cannabis, Aether Gardens was founded on the idea of creating cannabis products fit for the gods and tailored to your mood.


inspired by the roman numerals for LV

& all the vibes of the desert after dark

Our products offer an ongoing journey of building confidence, inspiring excitement, elevated escape and ultimate enjoyment.

With energetic strains to enhance your Sin City experience and stimulate your social impulse, The 55 is Vegas-born and Vegas-grown.


inspired by the california term “steez”

inspire . influence . innovate

revolutionizing the cannabis industry by creating a product that offers a discreet experience built for portability and convenience.

Our premium quality concentrates uphold a high level of potency and purity. STIIIZY is setting the industry standard to influence and inspire through our innovative methods.


for higher living

the highest standards didn’t exist, so we created them

An experience of perfection
The quality or state of being elegant
Physical or intellectual pleasure, delight or ecstasy

Our world-to-table ingredients are thoughtfully sourced from artisan origin farms around the world. We are driven by one simple ambition: to make the best-tasting and highest quality cannabis products. Binske cannabis represents a complexity of flavors and sensations with every bite, sip or hit.

huni labs

nature’s gold standard

make life sweeter
get the most out of your life

Our mission is to help you get the most out of your adventure called life, in a way that’s relevant to our evolving, modern world and sustainable for generations to come.

At Huni Labs, a passion for producing a higher standard of quality for cannabis concentrates demands an uncompromising commitment to innovation and cannabis acumen.

pro canna

providing results optimally

combining health & science to create a superb experience.

1 gram sugar, vitamin and nutrient-enhanced coconut THC beverage with natural electrolytes and other good stuff to fuel the PRO in all of us.

Made with the coconut & aloe vera water, which provide natural electrolyte benefits that help regulate and control the balance of fluids in the body


edibles… at a whole new level

a proud French heritage, inspired by modern design and infused ingredients

Founded in the classic art of pâtisserie creation, Hervé produces exquisite desserts, macarons and chocolates that combine contemporary design with spectacular flavours.

Launched in 2020, Hervé proudly blends together decades of traditional French culinary history with an innovative infusion process, to launch the first intricately infused luxury desserts. Hervé. A collection of luxury sweets for the modern discerning consumer of infused edibles.

More Brands Launching Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is cannabis legal in the state of Nevada?

Yes. It is legal for adults 21 years of age and older to use medical and recreational cannabis in the state of Nevada.
For those individuals 18 years and older can sustain a medical card to purchase cannabis products from a medical dispensary. It is important to note that many dispensaries in the state of Nevada provide medical and recreational cannabis products. The state of Nevada as well recognizes medical cards and recommendation letters from all other states who have legalized medical cannabis.
For those individuals without a medical card or recommendation letter, you must be 21 years or older, with a valid government issued ID; driver’s license or passport, to legally purchase or possess cannabis products from a retail (recreational) dispensary.

2. Where can I purchase your cannabis products?

Adults 21 years of age and older can purchase cannabis products from a medical and retail (recreational) dispensary that is licensed through the state of Nevada.

3. Where can I consume cannabis products?

The state of Nevada law requires all medical and recreational cannabis consumption to be completed in a private residence. Medical and recreational cannabis consumption in public (casinos, gaming properties, hotels, inside a vehicle, parks, sidewalks, etc.) is not permitted.

4. How much cannabis am I allowed to possess?

Adults 21 years of age and older can possess up to one ounce of cannabis. Medical card holders can possess up to two and a half ounces of cannabis.

5. Can I travel with cannabis products outside of Nevada?

No. It is illegal to travel across state lines with cannabis.